Save the planet?

What will you do if you can do something to save the planet?

You can avoid paper utensils, you can recycle all your trashes in the correct trash cans, you can use recycle items, and you can use toilet paper free thing for your daily toilet things.

I had a chance to review this new item called free toilet paper moistening system. I have no clue what was that till I received the product last week. So this product was operated by baterries, it’s handsfree but sensor touch machine. We need to use little tissue to hold the liquid out and wipe your toilet seat. Voida… Your seat is free of germs and ready for you. No more clog plumbing because of the toilet paper.

It’s a great invention, i just wish they have a ‘to go’ or travel version. I do feel that toilets outthere in the public area will need this this instead of my house’s toilet. I certainly can travel worry free if I can carry to go version of it.

imageProduct is not available in amazon yet, but can be purchase through their website: Spritz’n Wipe™ is the original hands-free toilet paper moistening system. It turns your own toilet paper into a clean, fresh and convenient wipe. No more flushing wipes down your toilet! Wipes can cause issues with your own plumbing system and those of the municipality in your town.

Safe for your septic or sewer system
Fast and easy to use
Installs in minutes
Better hygiene and more convenient than regular toilet paper
More economical than wipes. Saves money.
Environmentally friendlier than wipes.
No harsh chemicals
Alcohol free

I received this product in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Baby Shower




It’s a surprised baby shower for my sister. All she knew what a Christmas gathering at friend’s house. Some friends help out to put the decorations and things together. I bought all the decorations, baloons, cookies, candies and made the diapers cake a week before.

it’s success, she was so surprised, didn’t expect it at all. She was touched and cried. We got some good presents from the shower, one of them was the bandana bib. It’s a trend now a days to use bandana bib instead of old fashion bib. Organic cute bandana bibs from amazon can be found here:




Bowl of Salad

What was so special from this bowl of caesar salad from Costco? Nothing.. It’s a regular chicken salad, aside from its generous portion. Guess what… I was so impressed with their customer service. I bought salad for my lunch the other day, together with heavy pack of mouthwash. On my way to my car, I dropped the salad, coz my hands were so full of stuff.

Oh no.. On my mind, I thought “say bye to my lunch, I just wasted $4 of my salad”. While I was sad and tried to clean up the mess, one of Costco employee saw me in the parking area. He said, just go upstairs and ask them to exchange it for you.

I asked him, ” Are you sure?” It’s not even their fault, it’s my fault who dropped the salad, I thought. He said, just try, they will do it for you. Ok, then I store the heavy  mouthwash in my  car to keep my hand free.

I went upstairs, go to the customer service. I said, “I’m sorry, I dropped this salad, can I exchange it?”. Without questions, she took my receipt, asked for my costco card, returned my money and told me, ” Go ahead buy another one over there.”. Wow, the superior customer service had wow me that day. I respect Costco’s policy.


Lemon Squeezer, worth to try

I’ve been squeezing lemon with hands to save money. I will press as hard as I can, but couldn’t get the juice all out. I didn’t think lemon presser is useful until I found this product. I was so excited to try it out. The squeezer was designed nicely, made from stainless steel and non slip silicone grip handle. I can easily press my lemon till last drops without extra power on my hand. No need to hurt my hands anymore.

It was very easy to use this product: cut the lemon in half, place lemon downwards into squeezer, squeeze the juice till your last drops. I basically cut more than half of my time in making lemonade ever since I used this product. Overall, This squeezer was constructed to exceed my expectations. The sturdy construction will make this product last for a long time. Plus, it comes with a bonus of full size zestier, can be used to zest citrus. Squeezing lemon becomes so easy and fun now. I definitely will recommend this squeezer to friends.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm094a20d1a9412afd2be8b0625ff1d828. 


So, I’ve been reviewing new release products through amazon. I’d love it so far. I’m bringing my review to next level… BLOG. Yes… here we are, I’m expanding it now.

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